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Communication Director to enable Greenpeace Southeast Asia (GPSEA) to make the impact we need to make by 2014 it is vital that people in the region see us as effective, relevant and trusted. One of the ways we will do this is by turning the issues and campaigns we work on into compelling stories that enhances our connections with key audiences. The Communications Director will be responsible for developing these and lead the roll out of targeted communications which will enable us to achieve our agreed campaign, mobilization, fundraising and organizational goals.

Deadline for Applications: January 9, 2012

Main responsibilities :

1. Communications Strategy

Oversee the ongoing long-term development and implementation of the communications strategy in order to raise the profile and perception of Greenpeace in the region and enable us to achieve our campaign and other organizational goals. The strategy will include a research plan (to enable us to understand our key audiences), message testing and the creation of a range of compelling stories that engages and influences a range of different stakeholders and audiences.

2. Strategic Coordination/ Senior Management Team (SMT)

As a part of the SMT contribute to the overall strategic management of the organization. Give input into the formulation and execution of the strategic direction plus program design, to ensure the achievement of Greenpeace’s overall objectives.

3. Integration with Other Departments

Work especially with the Campaigns, Mass Mobilization and Fundraising Director’s on the integration of projects and provide strategic communications input into the project plans and other strategies.

4. Management

Lead, motivate and manage the communication team. Provide guidance and support to the team, including the creation of individual development and training plans and ongoing performance management.

5. Budget Management

Develop, monitor and manage the expenditure of the departmental budgets, according to agreed objectives and the priorities of the department, in order to ensure cost effectiveness and strategic expenditure. Work with the Organisational Support Director to ensure the on-going financial stability of the organisation.

6. Brand Management, Public and Media Relations

Build GPSEA’s brand awareness in the region and ensure a growing number of people see the organization as effective, relevant and trusted. Strengthen relationships with traditional media channels and the international wires or other news agencies.

7. Evaluation

Monitor, analysis and evaluate the effectiveness of GPSEA’s communications, then adapt and change the strategy or approach to ensure the campaigns and wider organization goals are met. On a periodic basis, conduct formal brand surveys, polls or other market research to understand and measure the impact of our work (brand recognition, public perception).

8. Meetings and Representation

Be part of the global Greenpeace communications community and represent GPSEA in international planning and other internal meetings. As require, represent Greenpeace externally in the media or as a spokesperson.
Required Experience / Skills

  • Bachelor’s degree in Communications, Journalism, related fields or equivalent experience.
  • At least 5 years in a leadership role.
  • Strong management, planning, administrative, financial and organizational skills
  • Demonstrable experience supervising professionals and/or directing large, national or international projects.
  • Strategic thinker with proven results in building high profile communications strategies.
  • Ability to manage multiple simultaneous projects and to meet tight deadlines, including a flexible mindset regarding working hours.
  • Good understanding of the media advocacy needs of a campaigning organization.
  • Experience with market research, brand surveys and data analysis.
  • Established relationships with media contacts and detailed knowledge with media operations.
  • Demonstrated ability to manage the formulation and implementation of innovative communications strategies and content for national or international campaigns.
  • Experience in working with people of different cultures.
  • Superb English writing and communication skills.

Other Requirements

  • Approachable and collaborative with a willingness to learn as well as teach.
  • A commitment to peaceful direct action as a means for change.
  • A bias for action and an orientation towards metrics.
  • Commitment to Greenpeace values and policies.

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Send your Application form to email :  Please complete all items in the application form as this will be our basis for shortlisting candidates. Curriculum Vitae (CVs) will not be accepted.

Pekerjaan – 21 Desember, 2011

The Water Patrol Coordinator, in coordination with Country Representative/Campaign Manager and Toxics Campaigner will undertake work in Indonesia to improve toxics-free water projects in the country.

Deadline of applications:  January 14, 2012

Department : Campaign
Location : Indonesia
Report to : Water / Toxic Campaigner

Specific inputs and support for the organization’s Water Project work in the country with particular emphasis on the following set of tasks and responsibilities:

  • Give assistance in the preparation and implementation of water projects.
  • Involve in the planning and operating of Water Patrol Unit.
  • Does researches related to the water pollution hotspots, pollution sources, and legislative frameworks.
  • Prepare and carry out of water sampling/ bioassays.
  • Conduct trainings for selected communities on pollution monitoring, counter measures, and protection of their water resources.
  • Build networks on water patrol with communities, volunteers and other related stakeholders.
  • Coordinate with related stakeholders in conducting toxic free water activities/projects.
  • Maintain a working knowledge of technical information about the campaign and able to present to variety of audiences.
  • Involve in preparation of water fact sheet and other water campaign information.
  • Responsible for documentations for water patrol activities, outcomes, information during field work, images, problems, and related information.
  • Manage and maintain water patrol mobile unit and equipment
  • Participate in non-violent direct actions to support and advance campaign goals.

Requirements :

  • Bachelor degree with at least 2 years working experience in relevant field, preferably with experience working in NGO or other similar organization
  • Proven skills in community organization and project management
  • Knowledge on water sampling and water analysis as well as hazardous chemical pollution issues is preferred
  • Computer skills in Microsoft office and power point is a must
  • Fluency in English written and speaking is preferred

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Send your Application form to email :  Please complete all items in the application form as this will be our basis for shortlisting candidates. Curriculum Vitae (CVs) will not be accepted.

Kami PT Alas Consultant sebuah perusahaan konsultan yang bergerak dibidang bidang jasa Layanan konsultasi berupa Perencanaan Umum, Studi Kelayakan, Analisis Mengenai Dampak Lingkungan, Penilaian ( Appraisal ), Penelitian, Survey ( Penataan Batas/Inventarisasi Hutan ), Bidang Informatika ( Komputerisasi ) dan Jasa Monitoring.

Membutuhkan segera tenaga kerja dengan persyaratan :

• Sarjana ( S1 ) Jurusan Geologi / Pertambangan
• Fresh graduate welcome to apply
• Usia max. 30 tahun
• Mampu berbahasa inggris, lisan maupun tulisan
• Mampu mengoperasikan computer ( min. AutoCAD , Arcview & Office )
• Dapat bekerja perorangan maupun team
• Sanggup bekerja keras dan cepat beradaptasi dengan pekerjaan

Kirimkan Surat lamaran beserta CV dan pas Photo melalui e-mail : atau melalui Pos ke alamat :

Jln. Raya Sengked No. 1 Kampus IPB Darmaga
Bogor 16680
Tel. ( 0251 ) 8621133 ext : 106

Forest Researcher | Jakarta

Pekerjaan – 1 Desember, 2011

Forest Researcher base in Jakarta, The primary responsibility is ensuring the research for the forest campaign in Indonesia is effectively delivered on time and on budget (including but not limited to performing direct research occasionally). The initial and primary focus for this work will be on the delivery of researches focusing on Indonesia forest issues. The position will also requires- and upon agreement, the coordination and implementation of other complimentary researches. This person will lead the acquisition project, organisation and market analysis (chain of custody), actions and mapping researches in line with the requirements of Greenpeace’s campaign programs, aims and objectives.

Deadline of applications: December 14, 2011

Main Responsibilities

  1. Coordination, direction and direct management.
    Assist Forest Campaign Team Leader and Research & Mapping Team Leader to manage, coordinate and direct the broad workload of investigations, market research and mapping of employees and contractors in Indonesia.
  2. Information gathering and analysis.
    Conduct, analyse and provide intelligence gathering and analysis in accordance to Greenpeace campaign strategies and in line with Greenpeace risk management as well as ethical guidelines in order to enable effective campaigning across Greenpeace.
  3. Risk Management.
    With Campaign Team Leaders, evaluate and assess campaign project requirements for intelligence gathering in accordance to Greenpeace guidelines regarding intelligence gathering risk management to ensure identification, assessment and amelioration of the multiple risk factors involved. Advise the Forest Campaign Team members on the feasibility of requirements in doing campaign intelligence operations by cost/benefit analysis.
  4. Information Management.
    Develop standard information reporting policies and procedures for field intelligence operators to ensure consistent process of gathering, organization and dissemination of qualified information as well as disseminated across Greenpeace. Also ensuring that intelligence expertise and organisational knowledge is developed, maintained and shared.
  5. Development of Best Practices.
    Proactively identify, develop and acquire the expertise for effective intelligence gathering operations within Greenpeace in order to disseminate best practices across Greenpeace campaigns and improve the capacity for Greenpeace to operate consistently successful campaigns.
  6. Campaign Evaluation
    Evaluate the influence and effectiveness of researches and investigations in achieving campaign and/or project aims as an ongoing basis. Continuously develop the intelligence unit’s capacity to deliver innovative, effective, relevant and timely intelligence information to the Project Team as well as the overall organisation.
  7. Campaign Planning.
    Identify campaign opportunities and requirements for research during campaign planning process. Provide proactive intelligence gathering to support campaign strategies and objectives. Inform political and business research and lobbying initiatives.
  8. Research unit and project team membership.
    Work effectively and flexibly with various situations and individuals. Be able to adapt and work cooperatively, while at the same time assuming multiple concurrent responsibilities as required by Indonesian Forest Campaign Team Leader.

Skills and Requirements

  • Minimum bachelor degree and 3 years of similar experience with a public interest organisation.
  • Proven research capabilities including, detailed issues/markets research and the ability to produce in-depth reports as well as briefs for multiple internal and external audiences.
  • Highly developed capacity to assume responsibility to coordinate multiple concurrent variable research tasks in a high-pressure environment.
  • Encourage and develop a supportive, productive team dynamic.
  • Highly developed ability to solve problems using multiple analytical techniques within a focused result orientation.
  • Highly developed proficiency in database, spreadsheet, statistical analysis and reporting/powerpoint.
  • Expertise in covert intelligence acquisition techniques, with relevant experience in field research in frontier regions required.
  • Well understanding of campaign strategies and effective methodologies/techniques to meet campaign/project objectives through information acquisition.
  • Understanding and exposure to the roles of science, politics, economics, industry, media and social change in campaigning.
  • Broad experience of cross-cultural working environment.
  • Demonstrable commitment to environmental/peace issues
  • Fluency in written and spoken English required, while fluency in main Indonesian
  • Proven budget management skills
  • Proven skills in public communication/campaigning via mass networking tools (e.g. new media)


  • Scientific knowledge of the campaign issue area
  • Knowledge of relevant international/political updates in relation to the campaign issue area
  • A wide range knowledge, understanding and experience of non violent campaign tactics

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Send your Application form to email : . Please complete all items in the application form as this will be our basis for shortlisting candidates. Curriculum Vitae (CVs) will not be accepted.