Nations Slam Canada’s Withdrawal From Kyoto Protocol


Four emerging economies, including India and China, today condemned top carbon emitter Canada’s decision to withdraw from the Kyoto Protocol saying such steps by developed countries “seriously questions their credibility” in dealing with the threat of climate change.

Canada, a major energy producer, had quit the Kyoto Protocol on climate change within a few days after the Durban Conference, saying the 1997 accord was an ‘impediment’ on cutting global carbon emissions.

According to the Kyoto Protocol, developed countries should reduce their annual carbon emissions below 1990 levels and provide financial assistance to developing countries to encourage them to cut greenhouse gas emissions that cause climate change.

Canada decided to quit the Kyoto Protocol in order to save the country an estimated USD 14 billion in penalties.

Regretting Canada’s decision, BASIC countries- – Brazil, South Africa, India and China– said, “any attempt by developed countries to casually set aside their existing legal commitments while calling for a new legally-binding agreement seriously questions their credibility and sincerity in responding to the climate crisis.”

In their first meeting here after the Durban talks, the BASIC nations said the Kyoto Protocol is not only a cornerstone of the international climate regime but a legally binding agreement under the UNFCCC.

Talking to reporters along with Environment Minister Jayanthi Natarajan and ministers of China and Brazil, Chief Climate Change negotiator of South Africa, Alfred James Wills said developing economies would continue to lobby other countries to call on Canada to reconsider their decision.

He also said no country can “undermine the integrity” of Kyoto Protocol system.


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