Impact of Green Climate Fund to receive attention at power event


The launch of the Green Climate Fund at the seventeenth Conference of the Parties (COP 17) to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change will have a significant impact on the generation sector, says events organiser African Utility Week director Claire Volkwyn.

This is an exciting time in the development of renewable energy in South Africa, she says.

“We have seen the recent announcement of the first 28 preferred bidders for the renewable- energy programme and this will supply some 1 400 MW of power to the South African grid from wind and solar projects. This is just the first part of an extensive renewable-energy programme, which plans for some 3 700 MW of renewable-energy as part of the Integrated Resource Plan for South Africa.”

Africa Utility Week, to be held in Johannesburg in May, will have a strong focus on renewable energy and, once again, will be well supported by the green energy sector.

“Africa needs to develop its power infrastructure to continue pushing economic development. Many countries in Africa are already pursuing a cleaner, greener strategy for development within the power sector and we must continue to do so with vigour.”

The event will focus on all aspects of the energy sector on the continent, with dedicated tracks on metering, renewables, water, large industry, infrastructure investment, transmission and distribution/smart grids, generation and waste management.

Eskom and the City of Johan-nesburg, including City Power, Johannesburg Water and Pick-itup, are confirmed as official participants in the event.

“The South African government is committed to the reduction of greenhouse gases and, with the introduction of the carbon tax, companies that produce high emissions will be penalised for these.

At present, only Eskom is subject to an emissions tax but this will start impacting on other industries too. The effects will be both positive and not so positive but, ultimately, we need to be aware of cause and effect in all of our dealings with our environment going forward,” concludes Volkwyn.

African Utility Week, the largest utility gathering on the continent, had a strong presence at COP 17 in preparation for its May 21 to 23 event, which is expected to draw more than 5 000 participants and visitors from all over Africa to its conference sessions and exhibition.


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